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Product Services
Bonded Warehouse

    Our superior resources are ordinary warehousing、storage and transit in bonded area.
    Because of geographical location, Shenzhen YuHongDa International Freight  Co.,Ltd. warehouse is better able to interface with ports, airports and distribution center, which increases the turnover of goods and achieves the high standard of security goods.
    Services of warehouse include: packing, devanning, LCL, sorting and packaging, management of bar code label and order, distribution of logistics.
    In addition, Yu Hong Da Int’l also provides other value-added services: we can customize one-on-one supply chain logistics according to different needs of different customers. Our experienced team has professional skills and modern equipment, which can satisfy your logistics requirements in a timely and effective manner.
The main functions of the bonded area are as follows:
☆ To provide services about bonded storage
☆ To provide simple processing for circulative goods and value-added services
☆ International logistics
☆ Import and export trade and Entrepot trade
☆ To enjoy the tax rebate policy
☆ Port function
☆ Logistics information management
☆ Examination