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Position:Human Resource :Talent Recruitment
Human Resource
Talent Recruitment

Type: Full-time
Category: Salesman
Number of recruitment: 30
Work address: Yantian bonded zone
Orientation: International and domestic container traffic, ocean freight, air freight, land freight, customs declaration and warehousing.
1. Explore the potential market and customers, get acquaintance with the need of customers and meet the
    requirement of quantified work assigned.
2. Maintain and explore the full potential of customers.
3. Analyze the information collected from customers of the district assigned.
4. Maintain a good customer relationship, regular communicate with customers and establish a long-term
    partnership with customers.
1. Logistics major, good English communication ability, quick thinking and fine site management ability.
2. Strong expression ability and technique of social communication
3. Ability of client analysis & judgement and a well awareness of customer service.
4. Desire to advance, ability to undertake high-pressure working environemnt and active motivation to work.
    Ability to well fit in a team work and acute inspection of market exploration. Experience of sales relating
    experience and customer cummunicating experience are preferred.

Position: Financial accountancy
Type: Full-time
Category: Financial accountancy
Number of recruitment: 2
Work address: Yantian bonded zone
1. Account checking of company car owners.
2. Account checking of company car drivers.
3. Account making of company income and expense.
4. Employee and drivers salary accounting.
5. Mortgage details checking.
6. Financial forms making in associate with other departments.
7. Bank and company forms making.
8. Clients account management and account abutting.
9. Temporary assigned job.
1. Specific colleague course or above. Finance and accounting relating major. Certificate of Accounting
2. Acquaintance with financial regulations. Warrant from Shenzhen residents. Fresh graduates are in priority.
3. Ability to deal with accounting events and changing circumstances.
4. Steady, careful, responsible and willing to learn.
5. Clear thinker with the sense of teamwork cooperation.
6. Able to use all kinds of office software.
7. Able to finish work within the allotted time and able to take certain working pressure.
Salary Negotiable
Once employed, living quarters, insurance&housing fund, paid time off, year-end bonus and promising promote are offered.
Contact Information
Miss. Liu
 Main line : 0755-25205548转808
Direct line : 0755-25207456
       Email : liustel@163.com
Mr. Deng
Phone : 18818993878
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