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Product Services
Agency and Retailer of the food

    Guangzhou Shidai Food Trade Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Shenzhen YuHongDa International Freight  Co.,Ltd. brand, has signed a strategic cooperation partnership agreement with Korea broiled shop management Co, LTD in Chengdu. ( Sino-foreign joint ) in 2015, which made it become the total agents of Korea broiled shop in Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Zhuhai.
    The company offers services about storefront renovation, equipment distribution, food supply and distribution for franchisees in present. Main food we provided is squid and beverage etc. We also provide services with imported raw materials, equipment and processing etc.



Introduction of Korea broiled squid shop

1. Introduction of the enterprise

-------LOVE squid, Korea storm coming-------
    With the rising living standards and demand for personalization of contemporary human have rising, Love Korea Broiled Squid Shop adherers to the value idea “outstanding, innovation”, aiming at young fashion consumers, introduced the South Korea streets delicious snacks into China. In this way it has filled the blank of the Hong Kong food market. Korea broiled squid characterized by field fabrication and sale, no soot, pulled squid and fragrance. We aim at building the quality of China's fashion leisure food, injecting new blood for leisure snack industry, pushing the multi-development of Chinese food industry, making Chinese people eat tasted food without going abroad.
    Korea broiled squid shop mainly uses the South Korean imported raw materials and provides the services about the brands of Love squid field fabrication franchise、sales and management of the products and food from South Korea with features. It also aims at promoting the development of Korean food culture in China and creating trend business model in market. Love Korea broiled squid shop, basing on the value subject of “breakthrough, innovation” and embracing the rapid market changes, aims at building a new business model and realizing mutual benefit and win-win business platform for franchisees, customers and employees.

2. The culture of brand

    Our tenet is to: insight into the industry, invent small but beautiful meal mode, build new era of modern consumption patterns and build the new path of the product sales, realize the dream of investors and entrepreneurs, become customers tide of eating delicious food.
    Our mission: Love Korea broiled squid shop provides perfect pleasure experience for all customers.

Systematic brand
    Love Korea broiled squid shop’s brand positioning: providing food enthusiasts with fashion leisure snacks brand imported from South Korea
    Love Korea broiled squid shop’s brand vision: In the next three years, it will become the most outstanding imports company in fashion leisure snacks in China.
1-2 years: Love Korea broiled squid shop becomes the leading brand in small restaurant franchising industry.
3-5 years: Love Korea broiled squid shop becomes the well-known brands in small restaurant franchising
Quality assurance: Love Korea broiled squid shop insists in providing good quality products and services for customers.
Humanized service: Love Korea broiled squid shop, basing on the perspective of consumption, paying attention to the experience of consumers and the integration of cutting-edge technology, brings more convenient, vivid and comfortable service and builds the relaxed and happy environment for customers when they purchase goods.
Trend of the bellwether: Love Korea broiled squid shop produces unique products by selecting Korea cutting-edge cuisine. And these products fuse creative concept and meet Asian characteristic taste, aiming at guiding the trend, leading the fashion!

3. Successful cases

4. joining the masterpiece

Introduction of Wagyu pie:
Wagyu pie is made of Australian superior beef. In 1988, the cattle gene was introduced into Australia. In the year of 1990, superior Japanese wagyu was introduced into Australia. There are about 300 nurture farms in Australia. Australian wagyu belongs to “benchmark” cattle. Our company’s research Wagyu pie, has fleshy delicate and tender meat, the taste of crisp outside and soft inside!

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