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Human Resource
Talent's philosophy

    Any enterprise's development is inseparable from the talents. Talent is the foundation and the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is unable for an enterprise to achieve development without enough emphasis of the talents. As the constantly changing information in this era, we now need the talent who could keep pace with the times, strive to change and think actively.

    The competition for talents is becoming determinant since the talented person resources is the most valuable for a logistic enterprise. Logistic enterprises cannot achieve greater development in the future. Although our vehicles, offices and other equipment will slowly depreciate in value, every employee in our company would always appreciate.  

    Our enterprise respects the enterprise spirit of 'professionalism, integrity, cooperation and innovation', focuses on the staff's character and ability. Employees are required with spirit of professionalism, competence of exploitation, strong dedication and sense of responsibility. Staffs should have modern management consciousness and team spirit as well.