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Human Resource
Employee Training

    After years of hard work, our company has developed from the channel partner stage to the management stage. The primary task of this period is rapidly expand our business and raise our company’s prestige. A well designed talent training scheme will well serve the company’s development in a promising way. The purpose of training scheme is to provide the new employee with a comprehensive acquaintance of our company and also a better understanding of themselves. We hope to offer the most helpful assistance to our new employees in the shortest time period.
Taining content
一. Purpose
    A competitive team of high quality, efficiency and executive ability is essential to a company in the modern business industry. Training scheme is drafted aiming to provide company with such kind of team with the most vigorous vitality.
① Help employee to get acquaintance with the working environment.
② Improve the training of managerial personnel. Aim to improve the comprehensive quality of managers with a complete structure of knowledge and strengthen the management ability, innovative ability and executive ability.
③ Strengthen the training of professionals and technicians. Emphasize the professional and technological theories.
④ Improve the grade-training of company’s operators. Instantly improve the professional and technological operating skills of them. Strengthen the awareness and ability to fulfill their responsibilities.
二. Theory training
1. Logistics theory training
Strengthen the employee’s awareness of swift and considerate service provided to the customers.
Aim and content
① Basic information of logistics theory: Provide basic logistics theory information and emphasize importance of uniform logistics service. Analyze the condition of market supply and demand, logistics regulation, services, logistics mechanism, regulations and the idea of material circulation.
② Logistics reformation: Establish the concept of logistics service reformation and enhance the technological technique. Awareness of the necessity, method and experience exchange of reformation.
③ Logistics system designation: Establish the awareness of the logistics system designation and enhance the necessity, method and experience exchange of logistics system designation.
④ Correspondence courses of logistics system: Basic of logistics reformation, new method of regulation and practice of new logistics regulation.
⑤ Logistics cost: How to improve the efficiency and cost regulation of logistics system.
2. Operational training: Include on-the-job training, job rotation and combination of simulated training with the real operating. Emphasize the importance of the integration of theory into practice
⑴ Receive delivery release
① Contact the opposite company and confirm immediately after reception of the delivery release(via phone call or Email).
② Confirm the shipping quantity, weight, trade name, receiving unit, receiving address, contact number and etc.(point out the problem immdiately)
③ Confirm the time of delivery again and negotiate with the company if problem occurs.
⑵ Contact vehicle
① Vehicle should meet the standard of the company corresponding requirements: flat and clear truck body floor with neat truck bed.
② Appropriate vehicle and experienced driver should be arranged.
③ Comply with the delivery schedule. Vehicle should be arranged in place earlier if possible.
⑶ Requirements for cargo picking up
① Drivers should be neatly dressed in the uniform conforming to the standards of company.
② Field training and instruction of cargo loading and piling to the drivers.
③ Field training and instruction of safety consciousness to the drivers.
⑷ Shipping note
① Detailed trade name should be indicated and lot name should be remarked.
② Detailed delivering address should be included with contact name and phone number.
③ Out packing should be neat and label should be intact with the delivering date annotated.
④ The special indication from customer should be annotated clearly with highlighter on the envelope.
⑤ Points of attention and special order should also be indicated on the shipping note.
⑥ Triplicate shipping note and mark the linkage needed with the mark of Huidan.
⑦ Shipping note of our company should be transported along with the cargo.
⑸ Contact with clients
Get acquaintance with the delivery time and picking up requirements. Convey the essential information to the delivery driver timely.
⑹ Driver
① Transport protocol should be signed. Contact number and copy of driver license should be documented. Company’s contact number should be indicated to drivers.
② Delivery requirements and points of attention should be indicated again if cargo of special requirements are transported.
③ Remind drivers to double check the intactness of good before the delivery.
④ Deliver note and shipping note should be explained to drivers face-to-face and instruct which note should be signed.
⑤ If business contract are required to be signed with another logistics company, cargo transported should be noted ‘Neat out package and label intact’on the protocol with delivery requirements and delivery time noted.
⑥ Remind the drivers that they serve as direct contact with our customers, representing the image of our company. Quality of our service are directly related to their attitude. Enhance their sense of security and service.
⑺ Receipt
① Return and sort the receipt timely after the cargo delivered.
② Work out the daily delivering inventory and check with the accounting department, establishing the foundation of tax receipt and account checking.
Essential information for customer services
⑴ Cargo in transit tracking
① Cargo in transit tracking should be available the day after the deliver date. The whole tracking information should be documented until the cargo is transmitted to our customers.
② Pay special attention to the cargo needed for intermediate transit. Acquaintance with the delivering address and pay extra attention to the operation requirements of the cargo transmitted.
③ Requirements of cargo delivering should be explained to deliver driver. Quantity should be correct with neat out package and label intact.
④ Notice our customer in advance with the time of delivery. Remind customers to check if the appearance of cargo transmitted is intact.
⑤ Indicate the responsibility and requirements of receipt to drivers and ensure that they are in a good attitude.
⑥ Confirm the receipt with the customer and report the documented information to the company.
⑵ Exceptions handling
① If exceptions occurs during the transporting, do not make decisions personally. Inform the company director and wait for instruction.
② Handle the accident as soon as possible and lower the loss to the minimum.
③ Inform the associated personnel and report the condition timely.
④ If any exceptions happens with the clients, report the condition to the company leadership first and wait for the negotiation from the company.
⑤ If accident happens, indicate our drivers to actively cooperate with others and patiently wait for further process
⑶ Receipt
Actively cooperate with the manager to settle the receipts.
⑷ Regulations about safety, environmental protection and behavior.
Employee should firmly conform to the regulations as follows:
① Motor vehicle should register at the entrance guard before entering the industry park.
② 15 km/h speed limit for the vehicle inside.
③ Loading vehicle shoule be away from the main street and palces of concentration.
④ Load on the vehicle should be tied firmly strictly forbid the drop off of cargo.
⑤ No smoking except designated smoking area.
⑥ Protection equipment such as helmet and glasses are required for the assistants in the load and unload field.
⑦ Gasoline leak or litter toss are forbidden.
⑧ During the load and unload of cargo, assistants are forbidden to stand on the cargo or climb high. Door of vehicle should be closed during the movement.
⑨ Vehicle should not be in the middle of repairing or occupying road in the process of loading.
⑩ During the cargo loading, drivers should not get out and in the vehicle frequently. Drivers should pay extra attention during this process with all the protection equipments. Short-sleeved T-shirt, short trousers and slippers are forbidden in summer. (If contravened, a fine of 50 to 200 yuan should be charged.)
⑸ Evaluation after the training
① Simulation of the whole logistics process and procedure of cargo distributing. The experienced employee will supervise and score the process. A final report of all the problems occurred should be summarized. Considering the severeness of problem, the need of retraining will be evaluated.
② Evaluate the results of work after the whole logistics process is done.
Attitude and working ability essential for the logistics work
Self evaluation
    Logistics managers point out the content of evaluating to the employees in the form of questions. Employees self examine and summarize the performance of their work. Employees will be impressed with the
    self-evaluation. However, lack of objectivity and comprehensiveness, self-evaluation should not be taken as the sole criterion.
    Evaluate the employee’s working result in form of test and face-to-face talk.