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Enterprise culture
Vision Mission Goals

The vision of enterprise
We will build a “big family”and share the happy life together.
☆ We will pay abundant attention to the talents. Keeping a good grasp from four aspects, employment,
    training, assignation, preservation.
☆ Shenzhen YuHongDa International Freight Agency Co.,Ltd. applies performance evaluation mechanism and
    good promotion system.
☆ Excellent leader will be the partner or initial shareholder of our company.
The mission of enterprise
We must become the preferred and the most valuable supply chain services enterprise by customer selection.
☆ We can create more values for customers by listening, understanding, excavating the demand of the
    customers to meet their expectation and even surpass them;
☆ We engage in promoting brand image of enterprises ,creating good talent atmosphere, and more values for
☆ We create more values for cooperation partners by optimizing the value chain of our enterprise and
    improving the advantage of supply chain;
☆ We create more values for shareholders by shaping the core competence of our enterprise and promoting
    the enterprises’ healthy and sustainable development;
The goals of enterprise
Over the next three years, our enterprise will achieve a successful transition and maintain enterprise growth of 20% each year.
☆ We must maintain powerful sense of crisis under present economic crisis and worse competition;
☆ We must be down-to-earth, marched forward bravely, and maintain the pioneering and innovative spirit;
☆ We must be transforming and innovating all the time, catering to the customers’ demand and even
    surpassing their expectation;
☆ We must shape the brand of Shenzhen YuHongDa International Freight Agency Co.,Ltd. and establish
    favorable reputation and public praise of enterprise;
☆ The most direct goal is performance. There are the direct and indirect relationship between good/bad
    performance and every employee;