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Enterprise culture
The Enterprise Values

Customers will always be the priority
☆ We rely on customers for a living, the base of living and root of developing, so we must try our best to meet
    the reasonable demand of customers about our service. Because without the support from customers, there
    will be nothing;
☆ Customers’ concerns are our concerns: each of us in the company has the responsibility to do the best for
    those things;
☆ Do not bring any displeasure to our customers. We will observe and care for the demands of our customers
    and those people around us by heart, be ready for a second time or more sales and provide whole-life
    service for customers;
☆ We will not ignore any problems of our customers, we should dismiss customers’ doubts, solve the problems
    at first time and feedback information to customers;
Employee First
☆ Employee is a cornerstone of enterprise development. We insist in taking fighters as essence;
☆ Employee is the treasure for our enterprise, and its exist will create values for the enterprise directly or
    indirectly. So our enterprise will treat our employees as far and try our best to make our employees and
    their family members happy;
☆ Valuable employees and teams are the foundation of enterprise development, because everything is
    created by them;
☆ The talent investment is significant for enterprise development;
Security and Effectiveness
☆ Security is the lifeline of our enterprise development;
☆ Effectiveness is the symbol of our service quality;
☆ Insurance, training and education are the basic ways to keep security;
☆ Information construction is the technical way to keep security and effectiveness;
Honest and Trustworthy
☆ Be truthful in speech and be resolute in action;
☆ We must try our best in finishing the established plans and goals without any excuse;
☆ We must try our best in keeping promises;
☆ All important promise should be done in written form to avoid furthest disagreement and conflict between
    enterprise and customers;
☆ According to the promised and requested work, we must reply it timely and finish it within the prescribed
Hard Working
☆ We must have crisis consciousness and awareness of unexpected development in our mind, insist on,
    modify and refuse to delay in action;
☆ We must concentrate on the work and spend more time in solving unfinished problems during working time;
☆ At work, we must meet the challenge and explore new ideas and methods instead of excuse;
☆ Youth must pay more attention to the work, because the differences among people lie in what we do in our
    spare time;
☆ We must keep pounding away at our study continuous self-improvement, and result-oriented during working
Disadvantage is a Blessing
☆ We must have a broader view of our life, that is disadvantage is a blessing;
☆ Life must be a process: what you plant now, you will harvest later;
☆ We must keep belief: no pains, no gains;
☆ We can summarize one sentence from development in human life, that is, shrewd is not equal to clever and
    clever is not equal to intelligent;
☆ There are too many people who have gotten immediate interests by using shrewd ways and have destroyed
    their whole life. A man who is careless about his future would lose his present.
Be Passionate
☆ We must keep passionate about our work;
☆ We must be passionate and motivated during working time;
☆ We must love our job and agree with our enterprise culture;
☆ We must do our daily work with optimistic attitude, and never give up when we meet difficulty and frustration.
    We must keep continuous self-encouragement and try our best to improve our performance;
☆ We must have optimistic spirits and securing victory all the time to impact our colleagues and our teams;
☆ We must keep making higher goals, believing that today’s best performance is tomorrow’s lowest